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Art, Architecture, and Landscape

Though Tames is famous for his portraits, this collection contains many photographs showing art and architecture in Washington, D.C.


Atomic Energy

Tames documented the tensions around atomic weapons and energy as they came to the forefront of the public consciousness during the 1940s. 


Domestic Affairs

During Truman's administration, there were government-level attempts to unify America after the horrors of World War II. The post-war period also saw major labor strikes and compromises as unions made up for suppression during the war.


Foreign and Military Affairs

Tames photographed many international and United States military events and people as the US and the world moved forword post-World War II. 


Truman's Life

George Tames had an amicable relationship with the press-friendly President Truman. Truman's wife, Bess, however, was never comfortable with her exposed role as First Lady and rarely participated in Washington events.