Art, Architecture, and Landscape

Snow scenes at the Capital

Though Tames is famous for his portraits, he also took many photographs showing art and architecture in Washington, D.C.

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Architecture and Landscape

The images below show the Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Pan American building, the Capitol, the Library of Congress, the White House, and the French Ambassador's residence. 


The images below show art handlers and artwork at the National Gallery of Art, close-ups of work from a Russian children's art show, and a model of Washington, D.C. from the Corcoran Gallery.

Paintings at Central Gallery: Washington, D.C.

New York Times caption: "'Battle of Eylau' in storage room. Painting is flanked by two workmen. Standing is Mr. Fred Rieth who is in charge of putting up and taking down all paintings in the Gallery, and stooping before painting is Mr. Charles Richards, registrar for the Gallery."

Art: National Galleries

Left: Art handlers moving pieces at the National Galleries. 

Russian children's art show

Pictured here is "Break through of Leningrad blockade" by Volik Volkov, age 14. This piece was exhibited at an exhibition of artwork by Russian children.

Model of Washington, D.C. taken at Corcoran Art Galleries

Model of Washington, D.C. taken at Corcoran Art Galleries