McVay court martial

Hashimoto at McVay Trial testifying regarding "Indianapolis"

Here, Japanese submarine Commander Mochitsura Hashimoto testifies at the US Navy Court of Inquiry trial of Captain Charles B. McVay II.

McVay was court-martialed for a "failure to zigzag" while commanding the USS Indianapolis, which was fired upon by torpedoes from Hashimoto's submarine. The Indianapolis was destroyed, and only 316 of the Indianapolis' 1,195 crewmen survived, in part due to delayed rescue efforts. Hashimoto testified that zigzagging would have been inconsequential. McVay was found guilty regardless and demoted. Many believed that McVay was innocent, and was being used by the Navy as a scapegoat. He was absolved of wrongdoing in 2001. Read more about the story here.