US Military Personnel

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Recipients of Congressional Medal of Honor with President Truman

Medal of Honor recipients Commander Richard Hetherington O'Kane, USN, and Master Sergeant Charles L. MaGaha with President Truman. 

General Carl Spaatz presents Medal of Honor to William Mitchell, Jr.

New York Times caption: "A special medal of honor was awarded posthumously to Brig. Gen. William (Billy) Mitchell and presented to his son today. Gen. Carl Spaatz, Chief of Staff of the Air Force presents the medal to William Mitchell Jr. with Mrs. T. B. Byrd, the former Mrs. Mitchell, looking on in ceremonies at Air Force Headquarters."

New Chief of Army Staff

New York Times caption: "President Truman congratulating Gen. Omar Bradley after he was sworn in as the Army's Chief of Staff with Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, retiring Chief of Staff, looking on"

Annapolis trip

New York Times caption: "R. G. Carroll; Comdr. Roy M. Davenport; J.C. Dyer. Dyer and Carroll served under Davenport, now an instructor at Annapolis, in Pacific submarine duty. The three are chatting outside Bancroft Hall, talking over their experiences in the service."