The Marshall Plan

National Republican Headquarters; National Resources Security Board; ECA Headquarters; Table at White House with hats and coats; Hoffman with his advisors

4/28/48 NYT Caption: Hoffman with his advisors

"Paul G. Hoffman, the automobile executive who headed the United Nations Development Program and who was the first administrator of the Marshall Plan after World War II." — From the New York Times obituary

Hoffman received the Medal of Freedom for “moving the world out of the devastation of World War II and through a difficult period of decolonization and emergent nationhood.”

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William L. Clayton resigning: Albert Gallatin statue unveiled<br />
Iwo Jima statue for Talley

10/15/47 NYT Caption: William L. Clayton in his office as he held a press conference prior to leaving his post at Under-secretary of State for Economic Affairs.

Clayton played an instrumental role in the Marshall Plan, after which he resigned to return to business but continued to play a major role in foreign policy. Read More.