Paintings at Central Gallery: Washington, D.C.

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1. Mrs Angela Roberts, guard. Painting on left "Crispin and Scapin" (Honore Daumier), and on right "The Angelus."
2. Spectators. Paintings: "The Mad Assassin" by Gericault, and "A Carabineer" by Theodore Gericault, and "Portrait of Lord Byron" by Gericault, and "Women of Algiers" by Eugene Delacroix.
3. "Battle of Eylauâ" by [CROSSOUT] Baron Antoine Gros, taken down by workmen in National Gallery. Examining painting is M. Rene Batigne, curator of French art collection in the United States. M Batigne is attached to the French embassy here and will return to Europe with the paintings.
4. "Battle of Eylau" in storage room. Painting is flanked by two workmen. Standing is Mr. Fred Rieth who is in charge of putting up and taking down all paintings in the Gallery, and stooping before painting is Mr. Charles Richards, registrar for the Gallery.
5. M. Batigne points to part of scene in "Battle of Eylau."
6. Paintings being carted from the Central Gallery where they were exhibited.

Envelope contains both 3 x 4 and 4 x 5 large format negatives.

Digitized for the New York Times in 2018 by students at Pratt Institute's School of Information.


George Tames


The New York Times



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Washington, DC

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George Tames, “Paintings at Central Gallery: Washington, D.C.,” George Tames: New York Times Photographer , accessed April 18, 2021,